Web | Live at radar.ombaq.com

Social Media listening tool: Shows statistics of a given keyword in social media. Its a simplified version of Socio Buzz. Made with Java and AngularJS.

Socio Buzz

Web | Live at socio.buzz

Social Media listening tool. It gives you insight on various topics from social media. Made with AngularJS, Spark framework for Java, Redis.


Web | Live at ombaq.com

Social media management tool and analytics. I work as a full stack software developer. Made with AngularJS & Laravel (PHP).


Web | Live at github.com

LiveLog helps you improve your productivity. You log your activities and tag them appropriately for you to review overall at the end of the day. It is a much simpler version of toggl in which you don't start & stop the timer, you will always be logging. Time. is. precious. Made with Haskell, Cycle.js, Docker.

Grand Indonesia Mall e-Directory

Unity3D (Win, Mac)

a 3D, interactive mall e-Directory with animated pathfinding to show directions for user


Windows Phone 7.5+ | Live at Windows Phone Market

kOthello is Othello on steroid. It's violent. It's hyperbolic. It's fun. Trying to beat the AI? Well, good luck. :)

Battle Of The Bands

Android | Live at Google Play

Build your dream band by recruiting personnels with various skills. Record a great song and sell them to masses. Be the greatest band of all time!

Postman Panda

Android | Live at Samsung Apps

Noh, the postman panda, has to deliver packets and mails to various places. As a perfectionist he won't tolerate visiting a place more than once. That said, Noh has to find a path in which he visits all places exactly once and back at his starting place. The shorter path he takes, the more score he gets.

Pocong To The Moon

J2ME | Live at OVI Store | Press on teknojournal | Press on lintas.me

Play as a pocong that launches from his grave to reach for the moon! Beware of obstacles and pick power ups to help your way!

Little Gnome's Troubles

J2ME | Live at OVI Store

Help the little gnome to protect his homeland from balls of doom. Dodge obstacles, pick powerups, and use various weapons to destroy those bouncy enemies! Fight your enemies in 15 exciting levels.


Android | Live at Samsung Apps

Manage an elevator and take people to their destination as fast as you can. Stack up combos and finish all level in this experimental time management game!

Tacticraft 0: Prelude


A tactical game with economy-building element. Built with Java for a project in OOP class.

Ecky Putrady

Geek and Proud!

Full-Stack Software Developer

Jakarta, Indonesia